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Valentine's Day is a great reminder to share the love. Try these 5 TIPS & TRICKS to keep your smile lovable (including a relaxing DIY Spa Lip Scrub recipe). Also, get to know one of your favorite dentists with a professional spotlight on Dr. Lise Bradley.

Family goals are important! This FREE PRINTABLE sheet is a wonderful way to visually show your child that he/she is full of incredible potential and able to accomplish great things in the span of a year. Help inspire your child to become the best version of themselves this year. We recommend printing and hanging it in an easy location for your child. Get to know one of your favorite pediatric dentists! Read the professional spotlight on Dr. Doug...

Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to reflect on the year and focus on our blessings. While together with your loved ones during this Holiday Season, try this activity. It will help to develop a heart of gratitude within your children and will be a keepsake to look back on. START A HOLIDAY TRADITION THAT LASTS ALL YEAR ROUND...

With these 6 FUN DENTAL TIPS, you’ll be able to establish healthy dental habits that can last a lifetime.

1. VISIT A PEDIATRIC DENTIST who specializes in children’s teeth.

2. Sing a little song while you BRUSH 2X PER DAY: before school and before bedtime. Don’t forget to floss, too!

3. WATCH OUT FOR SUGAR BUGS! Opt for veggies, fruits, and cheese. Cut back on sweets and juices to avoid cavities.

4. DON’T SHARE GERMS! Teach kids not to share spoons/cu...

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❤️5 Ways to Keep a LOVABLE SMILE + Spa DIY + Professional Spotlight on Dr. Lise Bradley

February 10, 2020

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