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Thanksgiving is a wonderful reminder to express gratitude, reflect on our blessings, and to be a blessing to others. In this month’s article, we share two fun activity ideas for creating a spirit of true thankfulness, as well as highlighting Sunshine’s involvement in one of our favorite charities: the Willie Stargell Foundation.

Blast boredom away with this PRINTABLE SMART CHART. Did you know - studies show that children can regress a month of school education over summer break if they're not actively learning? Make this your brightest summer yet with these Smart Summer Tips.

Welcome! Are you missing out on any of the resources, contests, or fun health tips that we share online? We would love to stay connected with you. Our social media sites are a great place to check in and share your smiling photos, ask us any questions you may have, refer our office, or learn something new! It is a source of SMILES.

The TOOTH FAIRY is an iconic part of childhood. But where did this tradition start from? Learn more, plus ideas for making your child's experience MAGICAL.

Toothpaste is a wonder! We all know the importance of brushing our teeth with fluoride-enriched toothpaste to strengthen our teeth's enamel and prevent cavities. But few know the abundant usefulness of this handy tube of paste - from polishing jewelry, repairing scratches, cleaning surfaces, soothing bug bites, and plenty more! Check out 12 uses below.

For many families with children, keeping the house orderly can feel as productive as brushing your teeth while eating cookies. Rather than let household chores become overwhelming, use our handy "Family Cleaning Calendar" so everyone in your home knows how to help. Make it fun, too! We recommend printing and hanging it on your fridge.

Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to reflect on the year and focus on our blessings. While together with your loved ones during this Holiday Season, try this activity. It will help to develop a heart of gratitude within your children and will be a keepsake to look back on. START A HOLIDAY TRADITION THAT LASTS ALL YEAR ROUND...

Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to think about all our blessings. Make a new annual tradition, and try this activity with your children to help inspire a heart of gratitude. Plus you will have a beautiful keepsake to cherish for years to come. 

Create this beautiful piece of art with your children this Thanksgiving. All you will need is some colorful paper, a glue stick, scissors, and markers.


  1. Start by outlining each of your childre...

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